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Media Procedures
Internal Media Procedures & News Tip Form

One of the primary ways we can educate our community about AISD’s many important projects, activities, and programs is to work with the local news media. Outlined below and in this media flow chart are the Amarillo Independent School District’s media policies. These procedures are designed to ensure our students’ safety and to keep school day interruptions to a minimum.  If you as an employee have any questions about these procedures, please contact AISD’s Communications Program Director at


Amarillo ISD Policies and Procedures Regarding Media Coverage

Holly Shelton, in the Communications Office, is the primary contact for media coverage.  The secondary contact is Susan Hoyl, Director of Community and Board Services.


School Initiated Contact – If you want to inform the media about a program, activity or event at your campus, please use this News Tip Form to contact Holly Shelton. Please make sure your principal has approved the release of the information before sending the tip sheet. Include specific and detailed information including what, when, where, why, and anything else that is important to know about the activity or program. Please make every effort to email the tip sheet one week before the event date.


Holly Shelton will advise local media organizations about the activities happening around the district. Once she notifies the media about an event/program, those activities are “fair game” (district approval is implied), and reporters do not have to contact the Communications Office before coming to a campus to cover that event. It is important to know that submission of a news story idea to the media does not ensure coverage.


Media Initiated Contact – Many times journalists will ask AISD to participate in a story that is not included on our news tip releases. If a reporter wants to interview you, another staff member, or any students, please refer them to Holly Shelton to coordinate our involvement. If you have not heard from Holly about doing the interview, then assume the reporter has not followed proper procedures. Please ask the reporter to first contact the Communications Office. Occasionally, reporters may call a staff member or appear at a campus without advance notice and without coordinating the interview or story with the Communications Office.  If this should happen, simply remind the journalist of AISD’s media procedures.

It is the policy of the Amarillo Independent School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability or national origin.

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